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The Speediest Horses Around The World  

Ever wondered what the speediest horses are, when you watch all the biggest races in the world? Well, we do! We often see a selection of horses compete in the world’s biggest races such as the Breeders Cup, The Dubai World Cup etc. and think what are the actual breed of horses that have the best chance of zooming down that turf track? Well, obviously there are Thoroughbreds, Quarterhorse and Arabians, but how do they actually compete on average against one another? So, we decided to get the low-down and have actually got the facts and advantages that each horse type brings. All you need to do is, continue reading on…


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Arabian Horses

So, you probably know that Arabian horses are some of the best in the world. The actual specifics that make this horse perfect for horse racing, is the fact that Arabians, actually excel when it comes to endurance. They are perfect for longer races due to the fact that they can conserve great energy for longer periods of time. Sure, these horses are not ideal for short sprints, and a Quarterback horse can easily swoop in and overtake them, however if you're racing 100 miles and need to pace yourself, this legendary species can last it through. For example, the Tevis Cup features mostly Arabian horses, as it lasts for a total of 24 hours and this race really tests a horse's stamina and long term physical capacity. 


Thoroughbred Horses

This horse is ideally known very well for being one of the fastest horses within the entire racing industry. They have dominated the headlines for horse racing, time and time again.  One of the most known racing events called the Triple Crown, will only allow Thoroughbreds to enter as the tracks never usually exceed 1.5 miles, meaning it can be sprinted at with exceptional speeds, that is for sure.


Thoroughbreds are a mixed breed, so originally their bloodline is traced back to the Darley Arabian, The Byerly Turk and the Godolphin Barb. With such lean limbs made for running, and very athletic and muscular bodies, they look very similar to Arabians-but are far faster when push comes to shove! Also, they hold a world record in the Guinness book for having the highest monitored speed listing, putting this at the top, if we are talking about the fastest horses in the racing industry. It was in 2008, that the thoroughbred called Winning Brew managed to set a world record for a short distance racing speed of 43.97 mph in the Penn National Race Course. 


Quarterhorse Horses

A Quarterhorse is just like a thoroughbred, being that it can race quite fast too, however this fares better for longer distances. They currently hold the world record of 55mph in larger distances, especially over a quarter of a mile-it's pretty insane the actual speeds these get clocked on during races! In fact, over the last 200 years, these horses have always been a favourite for horse owners and breeders. Horse racing has gone on for very long, these used to be a firm favourite, until the thoroughbreds were the ultimate winners of choice.


Standardbred Horses 

Standardbred horses are of the best when it comes to being taught and disciplined for racing. Their nature is very calm and they really do appeal to being told what to do. Other horses do take some time when it comes to adjusting to race training purposes. In addition to this, their bodies are equally built for power and aggression, when it comes to unleashing speed on that race course. The USA always seems to find this a number one choice, when wanting to harness the power of speed, particularly for more local races in regions across the nation. Other areas across the world have equally followed pursuit, such as France, Canada and New Zealand.


These are without a doubt, the most versatile species, and really do take to race training very well and easily. Some other breeds are far more difficult to tame and it can ultimately be a longer preparation time, if a trainer was gearing up to a large race for example. 

Appaloosa Horses

Appaloosa Horses have been bred for centuries, particularly in the USA for Native American tribes. They are recognised as horses, for the beautiful coat that they possess. It is significantly unique, and placed in the lower back region of the horse usually. Due to looking more unique than the other horses in the list, you find they are often favoured upon, for use within the horses. Appaloosas actually have a mixed history too, being that their bloodline traces back to Quarterhorse.


Appaloosa’s are extremely popular when it comes to fox hunting within English history. They have also been favoured for show jumping too for their strong muscly legs, yet even then, they get used for racing events too, within the region of the US, in their own Appaloosa series of racing nevertheless-or with fellow Paint horses.


Akhal Teke Horses

This horse is one of the oldest, when it comes to the origins. It has been said that this horse has been around for over 3000 years ago and in fact was the predominant horse choice within history. In comparison to the other horses within our list, this breed is significantly shorter, and has a lean muscular build to allow it to perform well for both speed and endurance. One characteristic that makes it extremely popular until today, is the sheen that the coat gives, when hit by the sunlight. No other horse shares this beautiful characteristic; and many often want one of these horse breeds, primarily due to this attribute. Although you never usually see many of these horses in the huge races around the world, we can assure you that the speed is phenomenal, for a horse that has smaller limbs, than say the Thoroughbred. Imagining this horse, racing with the sun shining on it is definitely a beautiful rare sight that any horse lover must see.



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