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   Who are we?: Race-Horses.com and Frenchbloodstock.com are the two most dynamic racing portals on each side of the channel. We offer exceptional value to our customers and operate under a transparent pricing policy. We are happy to display our prices for potential clients and competitiors alike (see below).
   Aim: To bring together professionals who are connected with the British and Irish racing and breeding industry, and help promote their business via the internet.
   How does it work?: By pooling our resources we can reduce the costs associated with an internet presence. There is no point in having a web-site if nobody knows of your existence or cannot find your page! Our Portal is promoted by advertising in the racing press, for example European Bloodstock News, Pacemaker, Racing Post, and the auction catalogues, and we also make sure we are listed in the major search engines such as Google and Yahoo! By bringing traffic to our sites, we are bringing traffic to YOUR site! At today's date (01/05/04) Race-Horses.com is attracting a hit rate of 3 1/2 million page views a year and Frenchbloodstock.com is attracting some 750,000.
   Why us?: We are not just a passive collection of related businesses; we are a dynamic site listing the latest racing news, statistics such as “Top Jockeys”, Group race results (with pedigrees), a Message Board etc. So, visitors have a reason to come to the site regularly.

   Our Services:

   How much does it cost?: Our rates (02/03/2010) are as follows:

   £70 for holding page - name, address and contact details (phone/fax/email)
£300 for basic web-site design (six pages of around 350 words + 2 photos)
£100/year for portal membership (link on main page and promotion) - free for hosted sites
£200/year to join with address www.race-horses.com/yourname or www.yourname.com
omain registration (.com or .co.uk) - FREE with annual renewal
£30/hour for site updates with 48 hour turnaround.

Our Horses For Sale section is designed to form a market place for thoroughbred horses and equine products, and to provide a source of information for the thoroughbred world. The majority of thoroughbred horses have traditionally been sold at public auction, with a smaller number being sold by private trading. Race-Horses.com is not seeking to compete with the auction system and will actually be promoting forthcoming auction sales and specific horses in those sales. The sale of horses by Race-Horses.com on the Internet should be considered an extension to the existing private trading that currently takes place. There are a number of well publicized advantages to trading on the Internet and the horse world in particular can benefit from the following:- The vendor reaches a wider audience and his sale information remains available to the public until the horse is sold, plus there is flexibility in updating sale information. The selling costs are much reduced and a horse can be offered for sale at any time of the year, there is no need to wait until the next suitable public auction. The purchaser has the privacy to look and choose without commitment from the comfort of his own home or office anywhere in the world.



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